Saturday, January 07, 2006

Zine Failure

I've recently been contemplating a zine a few friends and I once tried to start. About a year ago 2 friends and I decided that what our tiny little town needed was a Punk-Zine. We brainstormed about the structure the content, and just about everything that could possibly be of importance to the formation of a zine. I said I'd edit it and get to writing some articles, all they had to do was get articles to me. I ended up writing about 4 articles, not more than one draft of each, as there was no deadline and I had no material from the other contributors to add. well, they never submited anything. I don't really fault them, it's just a bit annoying.
I tried somthing similar in elementary school, but that publication got shut down by "the man", (the teacher), because it had selectivist tactics. but that's another story.
As far as the Punk Zine I tried to start, I recently stumbled upon those articles again. In retrospect they were alright, but nothing special. (I atribute that to them all being rough drafts, but i'm likely just being too kind to myself). I talked to one of the other colaborators about it. she doesn't seem interested anymore.
oh well. I guess it just wasn't in the cards.

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