Tuesday, October 31, 2006

my RSS feed's been on the fritz, and I'm not sure how to fix it, as I'm a few years removed from being the computer geek I was.
I'll figure it out I'm sure, especialy as trouble shooting techniques don't change.
hopefully it'll be fully working soon.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

After a good book

After reading a bood book there's always that period of time in which I don't do anything.
maybe I'm in deep thought, or maybe I'm not thinking much at all, but either way I do nothing.
there's really nothing for me to do.
maybe I attend to bodily functions... maybe
but beyond that, I don't do anything.

I can't really talk about a good book right after it either, or during it.
It's like I need time to digest it. to fully have it in my gut.
I never feel like I can explain a book to someone, and though I ask the same question of everyone else, I really don't know what to say when someone asks "what's that about?"
Do I go into the plot line, or do I give a short misrepresentitive summary.
I really don't know. most times I choose the lady behind door 2.

It's a bit nice having that block of nothing after reading a good book. I rarely have a block of nothing. I do badly with empty time. I can relax and do things that aren't work, that I enjoy, but I must be doing them.
sometimes napping, or lying about is it's own thing, but really I'm always thinking at the pace of a jet linner. only after a good book and during meditation do my thought's slow to a pace that people would call normal, or if I'm lucky, to slower.

the point behind all this is that tonight I finished reading a good book
it was "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk (the man who wrote fight club)
I had that period of sitting alone content with rather slow thought.
the moment that state left me, I was writing on a napkin about that state. in my usualy quick thinking slightly OCD state.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Classes so far

my chemistry class is killing me. I should be sleeping right now so I'll be well rested for the mid term tomorow.
the fact is that it's not that hard, I just can't stand it. I gaurantee that Organic Chemistry will be better, so will Biology, Physics, and so on. I just can't really abide by this relatively easy, sort of annoying general chem.
it feels so useless. Ugg, I wish I didn't need this as a basis for basicaly the entirety of the rest of my career.

On the up side my first NPB (neurobiology physiology and behaviour) class is going wonderfully, I think I may be one of the only people in the class who actualy understands it. It feels quite good. for our midterm I already took on thursday I didn't really study, I simply helped other people study. I suppose it's a good thing I understand it when others don't as it's one of my majors.

my psych class is good, it's a bit boring as it's research methods and that's not really all that intriuging, but I get to be a research participant (have research done on me) for the class. It's either that or write essays (because it's unethical to force people into being research participants)
It's quite exciting.
a week from monday I have an expiriment, I'm not sure what it entails, but it's relatively long, so I'm excited.

my math class is a bit annoying, and I have no inclination on how I did on my midterm friday, but we'll see, and then I can tell you more.
In a completely random bit of fact.
I still love Julie.
I wasn't sure if that was evident from my last few posts.
I just didn't feel like having my entire blog dedicated to her, because let's face it, that could get really old really quickly for folks who don't know her, and my readership is small enough as it is.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

cycling team

I just went to a meeting of the UC Davis cycling team, and am considering joining. I have to see if I have the money and the will and the time.
I'm really not sure right now. I think with double majoring, working as an EMT, and being a human being, I think I can't pull it off.
but it is awfuly tempting.
oh well.
I have a feeling it won't be happening.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Davis is just about perfect. I feel quite in place, and I'm getting into the flow of my classes, and I'm meeting a whole lot of interesting people.
basicaly its awesome.
Just last night there was a reading by one of my favorite authors (Joe Meno, he wrote "Hairstyles of the damned" and "the Boy detective fails")
I got him to sign my copy of "the boy detective fails" which I bought at the reading (much more reasonable price than from the bookstore, and I knew the money was going to him because I put it in his hand) and I had him sign the library's copy of "hairstyles of the damned' which I had checked out of the UCDavis library. for a while I wasn't sure, but then I figured, worst they can do is not take it back, and I've wanted a copy of the book for a while. Besides which, a signature from the author adds value.
that was quite awesome.

I then went and hung out with a nice girl I met at rite aid.
that sounds quite funny, but in the context of having no money and rite aid being very close is a bit less silly.
she had bought two bags of grocery sorts of items, but had no basket, as I had a basket, had nothing in it, and was headed the same direction I offered to carry the bags.
she was actualy pretty interesting, enjoyed reading and was into jack kerouac big time.
seemed quite awesome.
anywho, I visited with her after the reading. I ended up staying there (it's not exactly what it sounds like). the only down point was that i forgot to set my alarm for my chem discussion which was supposed to be at 8. I slept through it. I have set my alarm though now, ever thursday at 6:30 it'll go off regardless of if I set it. which is good for keeping me from forgetting.
woo for that.

davis has been quite awesome. i've not much more to report as of yet, but I'm sure I will soon.