Monday, February 26, 2007

Otis Redding

I do have a number of other fixies to post, but since the deluge of pictures I've already posted I felt it appropriate to post something else for a change.
I've been listening to Otis Redding as of late. I really cannot express how amazing this man is. Some of the best songs ever written (certainly some of the best known) were written by this guy, " "Respect", and of course "Sittin' on the dock of the bay"

I know this isn't news to anyone, that Otis Redding is amazing, but it's a nice departure from the Punk, Hardcore, and Screamo I've felt like listening to lately.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Favoured Fixies #6 Davis, CA

This fixie (no brakes front or back I might add) is purely beautiful. pictures do not do it justice.
I really wonder how wonderful it must be to ride this.

I feel almost dirty putting pictures of this bike on the Internet, it's like exploitation.

Favoured fixies #5 Davis, CA

this is a rather nice bike I ran into today, it's an old convert with a nice coat of spray paint. I had the luck of speaking with the owner (he came out as I was taking the photos). this bike isn't truly a fixie as it can freewheel, but it is still quite nice. The back hub is actually a BMX hub which makes some serious sense for money saving, the bike is rather nice, and I would quite like it. the gentlemen who owned it was quite niece.

favoured fixies #4 Davis, CA

wowie, there sure are a lot of nice bikes in Davis, especially on a nice sunny day like today.
I've a feeling that with another few days I'll have all of the fixies that go on campus photographed, which will be quite a shame as I'll have nothing else to distract my lens.
luckily I can think of at least one (a lovely gray fixie with a license plate for a spoke card) which I've been lusting after and have yet to see while in the possession of my camera.
on that note here starts a long long set of posts with various fixies I favoured today.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Favoured Fixies #3 Davis, CA

I've got a bit of a thing for those old Peugot bikes. they seem like a lot of fun, and of course are the perfect fixie conversion. this one is rather nice, so nice I even parked my bike next to it on the way to philosophy. you can tell mine by the spray painted racks, the CD front reflector, and the keep Tahoe blue sticker. under all that ugly spray paint and dirt is a beautiful Fuji Royal from the seventies.

Favoured Fixies, #2 Davis, CA

I'm not going to make this blog a bike blog or photoblog or anything drastic like that, but i've been on the outs with writing in it because I've no readers and I've no time. I figure that taking pictures of things that interest me (at this point in time very nice bikes of which there are so many in Davis) and posting them here might give me more interest, if not increase readership.
most of the bikes will be fixies, because until (and likely even after) I get my fixie put together (it may be a while for monetary reasons) I'll be a bit obsessed.

on that note here are some pictures of a lovely fixie I saw in Davis which I would love to draw your attention too.

Favoured Fixies, #1 Boston MA

While I was visiting my girlfriend in Boston I saw this very nice Fixie, since I was with my girlfriend who I see far too infrequently and we were eager to step out of the literally freezing cold into a nice Indian restaurant I was only able to get one good picture, and one horribly blurry one which I won't torture you with.

I like this bike mostly because it's a fixie, thats really the key quality here. the color scheme is nice and all and it certainly seems like a wonderful bike, and I like it even though I much prefer fixies with drop handle bars or bars with a slight upward turn at the ends, but really, I'm on a fixie fix (excuse the pun) so I'd likely like it if it were a converted ten speed about 30 years and three paint jobs out of its prime.