Monday, March 13, 2006

The Snow is NOT Just Fine With Me!

Normaly I'm the first person to be happy about more snow falling. when it comes to snow "bring it on" is my motto, but this is just too much. We had a nice 3 week (give or take a week) false spring. I was ready for it to get nice so i could go out running and biking again, and then it snowed. this was nice because I got a good day in boarding at Lake Tahoe, but after that wonderful day of snowboarding (and night of makig snow angels in my boxers) I was done with snow. I know that the minute I get used to the snow it'll stop. if we had had a good winter i would be ecstatic about this new snowfall, but because we've had a shitty winter, I'm just ready for spring.
so despite my usual attitude, and my normal motto, for this half of march, the snow is not just fine with me.

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