Thursday, February 22, 2007

Favoured Fixies, #1 Boston MA

While I was visiting my girlfriend in Boston I saw this very nice Fixie, since I was with my girlfriend who I see far too infrequently and we were eager to step out of the literally freezing cold into a nice Indian restaurant I was only able to get one good picture, and one horribly blurry one which I won't torture you with.

I like this bike mostly because it's a fixie, thats really the key quality here. the color scheme is nice and all and it certainly seems like a wonderful bike, and I like it even though I much prefer fixies with drop handle bars or bars with a slight upward turn at the ends, but really, I'm on a fixie fix (excuse the pun) so I'd likely like it if it were a converted ten speed about 30 years and three paint jobs out of its prime.

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