Thursday, March 08, 2007

favoured Fixies #8 Davis, CA

I had intended to have a longer break before my next bike posting, but I stumbled upon a fortuitous site (the binachi website which had this exact bike on it) and I simply had to post it up. Luckily it was also the bike that I intended to have as my next in the sequence. It's the Binachi Pista. it seems like quite a nice bike. it's a track bike in it's natural environment. Another Binachi single speed I've seen around here (fixie only because the owner put on a flip flop hub) actually started life as a single speed cyclocross/comuting bike.
who knew.
anywho, do enjoy this bike, I certainly did.
here is the link to it's Binachi posting if you'd like (it's out of my price range, but of course that's why I simply scavenge parts and convert, ah the joys of abandoned bikes)

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