Thursday, April 17, 2008

an update

I felt it time for another post on my oft neglected blog. I haven't a good excuse for not writing blog posts, excepting perhaps lack of readership. Things have been very unusual in my life lately. I needn't go into the details, but the world is unhappy with me.
Despite some problems Many good things are happening too. I recently got a job working with Autistic children, which I'm expecting will be very fun and interesting. It also may give me more to write about.
I've also been working on a book. It needs much work, but I have finished the first draft and am happy with the characters and storyline. The other pieces need polish and expansion, etc, but that comes with time.

I have also been writing songs. I only have three I care to perform at this point in time (I've written more than three, but a good number of them 5 or 6 are better left unheard) I think that a seven song set would be enough for a first show. I'm not sure how I'd go about it, but I only need to write three more suitable songs for a set (I've one relatively good cover)
I'll of course continue to post and rant and rave on this blog, though the frequency may be uncertain.

If you want to see a slightly more frequent number of postings from me check out my tumblelog

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