Saturday, July 01, 2006

half an eyebrow anyone?

So one of the dishboys just got half of his left eyebrow shaven off. It was either that or 163 nut scope tosses.

(definition of nut scope- both players sit oposite ends of the staff lounge, and underhand toss a bottle of scope towards the other persons nuts [testicles])

He got hit 4 times out of 20. Needless to say, playing nut scope hurts.

We have a film of will (the dishboy) getting his eyebrow half shaved off by one of the assistant cooks.

It is hilarious. He looks like he is in so much pain, but he is laughing extremely hard.

He jumped at the chance to get both of his eye brows shaved off. But the possibility of never having his eyebrows grow back moved him down to getting half shaved off.

Father (the guy who runs camp) might not notice will's half eyebrow because of my impending blue liberty spikes.

P.S. I got the mohawk, the spikes didn't work out too well because my hair was too long, so wer trimmed it and just put it into a normal mohawk, I'm sure i'll have pictures soon. I'm going to cut it even shorter though so I don't have to deal with the anoyingness of putting it up.

Sorry for the sparse, not that great, posts I've been really busy. There should be more posts this next week as I have the week off.



Anonymous said...

aww mate haha whgats the link to the film of his eyebrows.. funny shit

patch615 said...

I don't have the film posted up yet, but I'll get a hold of it and put it on you tube or something and link to it in another post