Thursday, October 05, 2006


Davis is just about perfect. I feel quite in place, and I'm getting into the flow of my classes, and I'm meeting a whole lot of interesting people.
basicaly its awesome.
Just last night there was a reading by one of my favorite authors (Joe Meno, he wrote "Hairstyles of the damned" and "the Boy detective fails")
I got him to sign my copy of "the boy detective fails" which I bought at the reading (much more reasonable price than from the bookstore, and I knew the money was going to him because I put it in his hand) and I had him sign the library's copy of "hairstyles of the damned' which I had checked out of the UCDavis library. for a while I wasn't sure, but then I figured, worst they can do is not take it back, and I've wanted a copy of the book for a while. Besides which, a signature from the author adds value.
that was quite awesome.

I then went and hung out with a nice girl I met at rite aid.
that sounds quite funny, but in the context of having no money and rite aid being very close is a bit less silly.
she had bought two bags of grocery sorts of items, but had no basket, as I had a basket, had nothing in it, and was headed the same direction I offered to carry the bags.
she was actualy pretty interesting, enjoyed reading and was into jack kerouac big time.
seemed quite awesome.
anywho, I visited with her after the reading. I ended up staying there (it's not exactly what it sounds like). the only down point was that i forgot to set my alarm for my chem discussion which was supposed to be at 8. I slept through it. I have set my alarm though now, ever thursday at 6:30 it'll go off regardless of if I set it. which is good for keeping me from forgetting.
woo for that.

davis has been quite awesome. i've not much more to report as of yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

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