Thursday, October 26, 2006

After a good book

After reading a bood book there's always that period of time in which I don't do anything.
maybe I'm in deep thought, or maybe I'm not thinking much at all, but either way I do nothing.
there's really nothing for me to do.
maybe I attend to bodily functions... maybe
but beyond that, I don't do anything.

I can't really talk about a good book right after it either, or during it.
It's like I need time to digest it. to fully have it in my gut.
I never feel like I can explain a book to someone, and though I ask the same question of everyone else, I really don't know what to say when someone asks "what's that about?"
Do I go into the plot line, or do I give a short misrepresentitive summary.
I really don't know. most times I choose the lady behind door 2.

It's a bit nice having that block of nothing after reading a good book. I rarely have a block of nothing. I do badly with empty time. I can relax and do things that aren't work, that I enjoy, but I must be doing them.
sometimes napping, or lying about is it's own thing, but really I'm always thinking at the pace of a jet linner. only after a good book and during meditation do my thought's slow to a pace that people would call normal, or if I'm lucky, to slower.

the point behind all this is that tonight I finished reading a good book
it was "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk (the man who wrote fight club)
I had that period of sitting alone content with rather slow thought.
the moment that state left me, I was writing on a napkin about that state. in my usualy quick thinking slightly OCD state.

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