Friday, May 01, 2009

Other People's art.

I found an amazing album on Stumble Audio, but I don't really have the money to buy the album. It's Harajuku No Emo Ko by Tober. It's really charming. I feel like I'm listening to a nice middleground between pavement's loose indie rock and Braid's emo/indie. The album was made in 2004 and I can't find anything about the band. I'm really surprised to find an album that sounds like this from a band I've never heard. I feel like an aficionado of that early indie rock scene. That whole Urbana Illinois scene, and the influence of a bunch of New Jersey and Washington DC bands.

It's refreshing to find something I missed. I could probably spend seven bucks on an EP but I'm trying to be as frugal as possible now. Music is one of those thins that I buy whether I have money or not. Most of the bands listen to are small enough that it actually hurts them if I steal their album. Sometimes download is the only way to get a hold of something, but I'd much rather pay the artist. I like buying demos at shows. I usually buy shirts at shows though, because I've usually got the album already, and I'd like to wear the shirt, and I know the money is going into the bands hands.

A book I really liked "the boy detective fails" by Joe Meno was obtained at a reading. There were only about ten people there. I brought a copy of Meno's Hairstyles of the Damned from the library. I got both Hairstyles' and Boy Detective' signed, and felt really cool about it. Also a plus was the fact that I knew he was getting the money for the book. I put the money in his hands
He was actually going to spend it on gas, or food, or booze, or cigarettes, while on the road.

It's a much nicer way to support an artist.

I've been finding lots of great music lately, and lots of great stories, and lots of great shows. I'm just in a mode of discovery right now. Sometimes going through all this work by other people helps me with my own. I love reading anything I can get my hands on. So many books so little time. I read for pleasure rather than reading for classes. It's a passion. You kind of have to be into it for it to make any sense. There are just people who read.

I've also been finding cool people lately. Cool musicians and cool scientists. It's just a nice time for me, finding all these people and things that I had missed for a while.

It's a very nice part of settling in.


Eve Noir said...

Yeah, I love finding something I missed from the past too.

I'm always trying my best to actually BUY work from a band/artist. I still love my CD's-I love the artwork & actually owning add to my collection.

And yes, the smaller bands suffer if you don't buy their stuff, so it REALLY helps to help them out if you're a fan. That's why going to shows & even getting a shirt for 15 bucks helps.

I'm going to The Kills Friday night & it's a cheap show (bonus), 2 openers, and I'm sure there will be stuff to get...and I will get something. Because MUSIC is doing as bad as this economy (maybe it goes hand in hand)...and music is such a BIG part of my life that I wouldn't want to NOT have these bands around in 5 years or so.

Was never BIG into Pavement (like some stuff)...and Braid were so-so to me. I really like Sunny Day Real Estate...think they helped get that BIG ol' EMO ball rolling. Though I don't like today's emo bands...that I can think of anyways.

EVER hear of Slint? Hearing them several years ago, made me say "Wow, this was out then!??" Such good stuff...and sadly they didn't last long.

I could go on & on about music...sorry...I just LOVE it so much. I've always said MUSIC=LIFE.

Take care~

patch615 said...

aye, I did listen to slint. They're quite good. sometimes the length and placidity of their songs bores me, but other times it's great. I've always had a soft spot for sunny day real estate and all of that second wave emo. The more modern "emo" isn't really any good (nor is is really emo as far as I'm concerned) I think I like braid more in reference to what they may have sparked in other bands than in simple respect to their music.

that emo ball sort of spurred a lot of things around then. Of course we have all the sad "get up kids" clones of the early 2000s but there was plenty of good stuff, be it Promise ring, or Cursive.

The energy (and latent emotion) in all of that music is particularly appealing to me. part of that is temperament, part of that influence of my malady, and part growing up in an isolated place that felt so trapping and confining.

I'm not surprised you found some solace in it as well.