Friday, May 09, 2008

after work activities

My life does not revolve around work, though it certainly may begin to seem that way. I actually have quite a bit of free time when not working.
I'm going to be running the Tahoe relay with my girlfriend her sister and some other folks, so today I went out for a run. It was only about 1.6 km which is traditionally too short for me to pick up a pace, but it was my first successful run in some time. I'm likely to do about 3.5 km tomorrow, (maybe 3 km not sure yet depends on my route) I'm looking forward to being all in shape. and it'll be nice running Tahoe relay. I'm sort of excited to have a Tahoe relay Tshirt like the one's Julie always wears. It's sort of silly, but it'll be really cool to match.

After running I showered Etc. At eight I had a meeting for new DJs at KDVS. It was pretty interesting. It's nice having time to do that now (last quarter I had an Aikido class at exactly that time) I really like the idea of having a radio show. I also much prefer finding music in physical form and I've not the money to buy records right now (or tapes, or cds etc) At the station they have a HUGE library of music, and one of the volunteer jobs that I get my required hours for is sorting through the library. Things get put in the wrong places, get taken out, get out of order, and It is the job of volunteers to sort it all out again. This is a really good time to peruse the stacks, and since you're sorting other folks choices you'll likely run into something you wouldn't have picked yourself. I'm really looking forward to hearing some of the obscure music there that I can't really get through all my current sources.
The meeting was basically a lecture on Indecency and Obscenity. It was covering the nuances of what can and can't be said or played on the radio. Interspersed was a short history of the tightening of FCC regulations and a smattering of pleasantly indecent and obscene songs.
I may write a post just on the nature of the Indecency and Obscenity rules later, perhaps when I need to know it really well.

It was a nice class, and I'm REALLY looking forward to the next bit where we're covering the history of certain music (I expect to hear about a lot of bands I've never heard of and that's a hugely exciting prospect for me.)

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