Friday, May 09, 2008

my third day on the job

Today I was the primary tutor with my student. It was nice not shadowing, and as expected I found myself somewhat inept at certain things. My student did rather well considering the amount of change and the confusion of having three people attend to him (his current tutor, my supervisor, and me) He had some problems later in the day, and grabbed at me rather hard. I now have a nice little mark on my neck. It's not that noticeable anymore though. He was just trying to get my attention though, no harm intended. I was pleased that I didn't come close to getting angry. I'm glad because that means he'll grab less and less, because anger is attention, and when he grabs he wants attention. Getting angry is reinforcing the behaviour.
I'm looking forward to my second day working with my student on a more one on one basis. I think it will be somewhat easier once his current tutor is out of the classroom. The fellow is very nice, but having both of us ends up sending conflicting messages.
A lot of information was thrown my way today, which was very helpful. I'm relatively sure I'll be able to remember it, and tomorrow I'll be taking data on my outfits sheets rather than on blank page. The data sheets help me do the tasks. It's easier to keep track of what's going on, and keep everything consistent when you have to write it down.
I did a Relatively good job with DT (discrete trials). It was my first time doing DT with an actual student. During my training in DT I practised on other trainees, and they on me. It was useful, but trainees don't read into unintentional patterns or get distracted when reinforcement is slow in coming.
I do realise now what one of my main problems was. During DT I should have put him at a lower phase. I was performing the trials at a higher level of skill than he had. I won't get into numbers or anything as you needn't know them, but I'll be going close to the bottom tomorrow and then working up to see what level he's at.

It was a good day, and I enjoyed it. It's nice working with my student, he's a very cool kid. I really hope my training helps him out (it should, the technique my outfit uses is the only proven treatment for autism).

Tomorrow should be good.

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