Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Changing my habits.

I really shouldn't be up right now. It's only one forty AM. That's about two hours before I would normally begin to get tired. The only thing that changes all this is that tomorrow I am getting up at six thirty. That's less than five hours away. I shouldn't try to go on five hours of sleep. It's just not normal for me to go to bed at this time though. I suppose I could manage it, but some nights you just don't have any sleep in you. this is one of those nights. I don't really have to wake up bright and early at six thirty though. It takes me a little more than thirty minutes to get to work, and I don't need to be there until eight thirty, but for some reason I insist on waking up two hours early, to make sure I'm on time.
That's been a problem in the past. I used to be hours early to everything. This isn't very convenient. Let's just say I got very well into the habit of always carrying a book. It's not that bad anymore. I'm sure that once I get into a flow I'll figure things out, but right now it's still a little odd. If I'm lucky I'll be asleep by two thirty. I don't know if I care right now though.

I really should be asleep right now.

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