Monday, March 23, 2009

stagnation bothers me.

I'm so much more likely to want to write when I don't have time for it. I've written obsessively for a long time, but that tends to be more obvious when I have stuff to do all day. It doesn't seem like I write so much when I'm not doing anything else in a day.

I have a feeling it's just because time feels different based on context. But it still doesn't help me feel more inspired while I'm sitting in front of the TV writing.

So, in this advertisement for that movie "monsters vs aliens" they were playing a lovely song called Hey Pachuco by Royal Crown Revue. Something to note is that this is a kids movie, and the song is about Pachucos, a particular breed of Mexican sometimes gangster from the 1940s. The song is largely based on the Los Angeles riots between sailors and pachucos.

It's a pretty awesome slice of history. I'd suggest you check it out. I just find it interesting that it's in the advertisement for a kids movie.

So that's sort of proof that I haven't a whole lot to write about. I sort of hate having nothing to do. IT gets very old. I'm not good at being useless. I'm way more ok with sitting down and watching television without being busy than I ever have been before. I still have a bit of trouble being stagnate though.

Even writing sometimes doesn't work as a way of fulfilling myself.

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