Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm not down, even if my writing is.

My last post was very long, and quite a downer really. I'm feeling fine. I suppose that's important to note. tonight has been good, and there isn't anything horrible happening or about to happen. I'm feeling good and in fact feel like the future is bright. Considering how good things are, how depressing my last post was is rather profound.

It makes the point of the post a little clearer though. The bit about even the good moments being tainted by the horrible ones. I don't need to hammer that nail in twice, but It does deserve more mention.

ON all happy notes, I have a love life. That's not something that has been the case before. I feel bad that I have to sort my feelings out and that that may hurt someone's feelings, but I do feel good that I have a chance at not aloneness. That's a profound change for me.

It feels good to not be so purely single. My life is starting up again. That's good. My drugs work, my life works, and the things that before had thrown me into unemployment, and unenrolment in school, are no longer seriously plaguing me. Even if they hide around the corner, I'm ok.

Everyone has things they have to hide from, unless of course I'm overgeneralising. I do tend to do that from time to time. Thinking that people are more like me than is the case. Of course saying that I'm too much different would be an error in the other direction.

Whatever. The point is that I am well, even with the bad things lurking behind me. I am alright with my lot, and with my errors. I'm alright in general.

Things are good, and should be for some time.

It feels weird, but I'm happy to get used to it.

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