Tuesday, January 06, 2009

finally a name for my "band"

I finally have a band name for my little personal project. That's a big part of the battle. Only because I need a name I like and can stick with before I go off and do shows, or record and album. I love my psychology book for this. I decided on Robots Homunculus. It works, and I've a feeling that I won't get tired of it. if I do, well not much I can do about it.

I already have the music for all this so the band name bit was one of the last things holding me back from actually producing. I'm thinking I may use multiple band names for performances, but only use Robots Homunculus for the myspace page. Which exists by the way. there's nothing up, but I'll update when there is.

It's exciting. I remember doing all of the administrative stuff for my highschool bands, and it's always more fun than administrative stuff has a right to be. entering information on a computer isn't nigh as cool in any other situation.

I'm proud of myself for getting on the fucking ball too. I had been having a general apathy, as I'm want to do, there for a while. I'm glad to be mostly over it. I'm also ready to get on with the damn music. It's nice to have that option.

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